Regressive Left Forcing the Hands of Liberals

There has been a lot of talk about the recent rise of the regressive left; how they stifle free speech, claim to stick up for minorities whilst apologizing for the very perpetrators that oppress them; we’ve all heard it before, and that’s a good thing. There are many consequences of regressive thinking, one being the unwavering complacency that it breeds. They are so unwilling to “punch down” or criticize any minority that they are unable to defend themselves from credible threats. The “never punch down” mantra sounds good, but it only works when the group below you reciprocates the peace. Continue reading Regressive Left Forcing the Hands of Liberals

Free Will and the Death Penalty

When discussing the legitimacy of the death penalty you often come across the argument of retribution; the idea that someone who commits a horrid enough crime deserves to have his life taken. This is only justified if the person in question has complete agency over his actions and had other options available to him, but consciously chose not to pursue them. At first, this seems completely reasonable, of course you have other options available that you are free to choose, right? Well, I propose this isn’t so. Continue reading Free Will and the Death Penalty

Misguided Feminism – The Real Victims of Gender Oppression

Western feminism is ridiculous, and yet, in a land far far away, misogyny is alive and well. First world feminists concern themselves with things like the misinterpreted and unprofessionally studied gender wage gap, the annoyances of cat calling, and the all-important pronouns. In a world filled with female oppression, these social justice warriors showcase their finely tuned ability to miss the point completely. Blinded by entitlement and enticed by victim-hood, they time and time again prove to be incapable of demonstrating any degree of competency. When attacking such a consequential issue like women’s rights, it only makes sense to focus your attention on where enlightenment is needed most. In this case, as in many cases of oppression, it begins in the Muslim-majority countries. Countries where all too often the punishment for a woman caught driving, going to school, or being the victim of rape, is disownment by the family and in many cases even death. It is clear where the head of the misogynistic snake is located.

Once again this ugly reptile rears its Islamic head, stares into the eyes of innocence, and strikes. Though it seems this serpent is wrapped in Harry Potter’s invisibility cloak what with all the excruciatingly loud silence on the matter. Thankfully I have the ability to discern fantasy from fiction, as do so many of you. It is those who use facts to form a coherent worldview that will continue to overcome the challenges and injustices of the world. Although, unfortunately, we are only as strong as our weakest links. In other words, the only way forward in the further enlightenment of humanity is in effectively communicating arguments that expose the misdirection of regressive thinking. Feminism is no exception.

Continue reading Misguided Feminism – The Real Victims of Gender Oppression

The Rational Fear of Islam

“Islamophobia” by definition means “the irrational fear of Islam”. I have yet to hear a convincing argument that explains the irrationality of fearing a set of ideas adhered to by 1.6 billion people, which leaves the door to tribal hatred wide open, and a sign pointing to it that reads “enter for glory”; a doctrine of which the most literal reading puts you on a collision course with Jihad; of which the god-prescribed punishment for the despicable act of being a rape victim or an apostate, is death. These ideas put forth in the Quran, Hadiths, and biographies of Mohammed are inconsequential insofar as no one acts on or supports them. An example of this being the Old Testament, one of the most immoral books ever written and yet is of no consequence as it’s believers have cherry picked the good and ignored the bad. Unfortunately, this kind of reform by means of selective adherence has not happened to the extent needed so as to render Islam benign. We do not have centuries to spare while waiting for this reform, either. Continue reading The Rational Fear of Islam

Trump and the Dishonest Criticism That Surrounds Him

“Trump hates Mexicans!”, “He’s a racist!”, “Trump thinks all Muslims are terrorists”

Have you heard those accusations and let them influence your perception of Donald Trump? Probably, I know I have. It wasn’t until I went back and watched exactly what he said that I realized I’d been fooled. Once again, the left had created a perfect villain in the form of Trump. The embodiment of everything they love to hate. Now, it’s at this moment I feel it necessary to offer up a caveat; I DON’T SUPPORT TRUMP. That’s right, my views do not align with the very person I’m defending. In fact I’m a liberal on almost every issue. So why am I sticking up for an ill-informed, easy to pick on, conservative? Because I believe that the ends never justify dishonest means, particularly when those dishonest means are at the expense of someone’s reputation. Continue reading Trump and the Dishonest Criticism That Surrounds Him

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